The Freedom of Freedom

I like to think that most people would want to live in a world in which individuals are free from the persecution of others, and live in peace. I like to think that freedom of expression is a tool for creativity out of which beautiful art, music, literature, and personal development are encouraged. I like […]

At the Bottom of Hadrian’s Garden

Everybody in Britain is aware of that long ribbon of rock that stretches 73 miles from the east to the west coast, dividing the border of England and Scotland. Except that it doesn’t really divide the border – being somewhat to the south of the modern-day line on a map. Everybody has seen pictures of […]

Pearls and Poverty in Elizabethan England

To the vast majority, the Elizabethan period means little more than fabulously dressed courtiers, exquisite jewellery, a queen with the most incredible hair, and giving the Spanish a bit of spanking when they got a bit too intimate with the South coast of England. For those a little better acquainted with the period, they might […]

The Extraordinary Longevity of Age of Empires II

Around two years ago, I was routing through my cupboards and I happened upon something rare and exotic – almost archaic in nature. It had lain there unmoved and unloved most likely for a decade, without crossing my mind, perhaps awaiting the moment that it would finally be put out of its misery and deposited […]

Starving the Trolls…

Whenever one writes about a controversial moment in history, particularly something that asks the reader to reframe the subject and reconsider their own world-view, it is likely that in sticking your head above the parapet you will put it in significant danger. This page, and the posts on it, will never shy away from discussing […]

The British and the Transatlantic Slave Trade

Whenever one engages a white British individual in dialogue about the Transatlantic slave trade, you are guaranteed to hear one or more of the standard, practiced responses that are surely by now an inbuilt part of the genetic make-up of the citizens of this United Kingdom. The first usually goes something like, ‘all European nations […]

Did the USA Really Lose the War in Vietnam?

There is no denying that from either side of the political fence, the War in Vietnam was a disaster for all involved. The USA lost so much political capital that it would take decades to regain its prestige in international relations, if indeed it ever did. The USSR angered its superpower rival to the extent […]

The Flaw in the System

Recent global events have demonstrated that we live within a system that is simply not designed with any capacity for resilience. After only a brief pause in productivity, the entire mechanism of capitalism has been brought to its knees, and is begging to be rescued by the kind and generous people of nations in which […]

Did the British Empire actually exist?

We all know about the British Empire – that grand old institution responsible for colouring a quarter of the world map in pink, and providing a source of pride for those who love to stick one in the eye to the French, who never quite achieved the same level of global dominance and had to […]

The Truth Manipulation Syndrome

When Donald Trump was first elected president in 2016, most of us assumed that we knew what was about to happen; a buffoon of a man sat on a throne, elevated above his competency, with ludicrous policy decisions leading his fanbase to become gradually eroded as his aura and power faded slowly into the background. […]


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