Starving the Trolls…

Whenever one writes about a controversial moment in history, particularly something that asks the reader to reframe the subject and reconsider their own world-view, it is likely that in sticking your head above the parapet you will put it in significant danger.

This page, and the posts on it, will never shy away from discussing difficult or controversial issues. It will readily engage in meaningful debate about subjects. However, what it will not do is engage with trollish content. It will simply be deleted.

Why will I respond in that way? Well, there is a difference between a person who wishes to engage in constructive debate, and one who simply desires an audience at whom they can launch extremist views. It is easy to tell the difference. The first will stay on topic, offering valid historical/social/political points that are relevant to the subject matter. The second will reframe the debate, dragging it towards something only tenuously linked with the original content, and start shouting from atop their own mountain. The first is flexible of mind. The second demands to hear only what reflects inside their own echo-chamber. I genuinely welcome the first type of person with open arms – it can lead to teachable moments in both directions. However, there is simply no point in engaging with the latter type of person; their fixed mindset is incapable of accepting a different perspective.

The second type of person does not add anything of value to my, or your, experience. They will simply post the same thing repeatedly, until it has either reached the point of reductio ad absurdum, somebody gives up, or has moved so far from the original subject matter that it becomes unrecognisable. At this point, they go away happy that they have won their small victory by being inflexible and unmoving. It takes away from the nuance and complexity of a difficult subject, reducing it to a binary extreme; something that is rarely the reality.

There are plenty of places on the internet to espouse extremist views, but this is not one of them.

And so, consider whether you are person one or person two before posting here because, and I repeat, the latter type of person will simply have their post deleted.

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